How Investing With Thematic Works

No, Thematic is neither a broker nor a broker dealer. Thematic provides a set of tools for investors to make better, informed investment decisions and create portfolios aligned to their preferences. In addition, Thematic enables you to trade with your existing broker account directly - and your broker is responsible for executing trades. Thematic is not responsible for any actions or trades that you take with respect to your brokerage account. Thematic does not provide any investment advice regarding any security, transaction or order.

No, Thematic does not charge fees for trades initiated through linked brokerage accounts. You continue to pay your broker whatever fees or commission you've been paying for trades without additional cost charged by Thematic.

No, Thematic does not store your broker login credentials nor security questions. Thematic just passes the credentials to your broker for authentication and order placing.

Thematic will display the error message provided by your broker directly in the app. Since Thematic is not involved in order handling, you should contact your broker directly to inquire why the errors occur.

No, Thematic can not place or cancel trades without your authorization. You control the ability to place or cancel trades through Thematic.