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Create a strong and diversified portfolio based on themes shaping our lives.

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The Big Picture

Navigating investment landscape is much easier with thematic approach.
Instead of individual stock picking, diversify your portfolio based on megatrends such as Electric Mobility, Smart Cities, E-commerce in Africa, Real-estate in UK and more.


Sales of electric vehicles are rising, governments around the World are subsidizing people to buy them and more and more people find electric cars more attractive.
This results in ever-increasing number of electric cars, scooters, buses and trucks on the roads.


We are using more energy then ever and renewable energy is gradually replacing conventional fuels in four distinct areas: electricity generation, hot water/space heating, motor fuels, and rural (off-grid) energy services.
Since 2004, the world has invested $2.9 trillion in these green energy sources.

Tech in

World's population is growing, resulting in increased demand for food. With a heavy dose of innovation and disruption, agriculture technology has transformed the operational processes and expectations of the agriculture industry.
By 2020, the bioproduction industry is expected to reach $100 billion.

In a rapidly changing business environment, the winners will be those that anticipate trends and take advantage of new opportunities.

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Regulated and transparent.

Credibility and transparency are our priorities. This is why we are working with fully regulated and compliant institutions.

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The Future is Bright

Ethical and socially responsible companies are posed to grow in the long term as they are shaping our future in positive ways.

Thematic uses AAOIFI screening for ethical/halal compliance and does not list any companies involved in or earning from gambling, alcohol, tobacco, child labour, weapon production, interest-based savings and loans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not manage your investments. Thematic helps you navigate the investment landscape by providing different stock bundles that match your beliefs. Bundles are fully transparent and you are free to customise them while having relevant insights backed by real-time data.

Being investors ourselves, our main criteria is that investments we make are those in ethically compliant, sustainable and socially responsible companies. During our journey, we have met people who are having hard times identifying and entering this investment market, and with Thematic we are solving this issue by listing companies that align with the aforementioned criteria. We do not list any companies involved in or earning from gambling, alcohol, tobacco, child labour, weapon production, interest-based savings and loans.

Unlike mutual funds, thematic stock bundles represent the direct ownership of the stocks. This means that everything is transparent, the investor has full control over the portfolio, there are no hidden costs, no lock-in periods and no cash drags.

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