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What is Thematic?

A Guidance-based Thematic Investing Platform

Our technology increases investor engagement by simplifying creation of custom preference-based portfolios investors understand and care about.

Use our data-driven and ML-powered set of tools help your institution create long-lasting connections with your clients.

People Invest in What
They Understand

Major institutions such as Saxo Bank are about to introduce guidance-based thematic investing

Chris Truce
Saxo Bank

"We at Saxo bank see guidance-based thematic investment as an important next step in the democratisation of investment. People will soon discover that the traditional advisory model and even robo-advisory is not the business to be in anymore, and rather this emerging new world of guidance-based thematic investing is the future."

Global Investors

"Many investors are uninspired by plain vanilla investment products. People want more out of their investments, and this isn’t limited to the size of the return – it includes the ability to invest in the areas of the economy that are of personal interest to them – and moreover for their money to be aligned with their personal views of the world. They want to be part of the story."



more likely to invest in portfolio
that reflects their beliefs


extremely interested in
thematic investing

How Thematic Helps?

We combine multiple sources of data with advanced analytics and Machine Learning to enable you and your clients do your best work.

Custom Portfolio Creation

Wizard through which your clients can create own personalized thematic portfolios in minutes.

Real-time Engagement

See client engagement in real-time while creating a portfolio.

Seamless Integration

Our platform integrates easily with your technology.

Targeted Campaigns

Reach the right clients with right products and offer unique services.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Understand your clients, their preferences and habits and increase their loyalty.

Machine Learning

Let the power of Machine Learning help you do your best work.

Engage Your Clients

Offer guidance-based thematic investing to your clients and increase both loyalty, volume and AUM.

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