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Attract new clients and build unique relationships with the current ones through personalized investing

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Serve your clients with customized investment portfolios, aligning their investment goals with their personal criteria

  • Prospect new clients better

    Embed Thematic digital onboarding form to your website in 2 clicks and start prospecting new clients better.

  • Build deeper relationships

    Thematic offers wide range of personalization options to suit your client's criteria. From ideas and causes to support, activities and sectors to avoid, risk criteria to options like defining your own ETF pools.

  • Turn client’s interests into a narrative

    ETFs and index suggestions by Thematic come with detailed explanation on how the suggestion reflects client's criteria so you can have unique conversations with them, reflecting their values.

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ETFs and Direct Indexing Supported

Thematic can suggest both ETFs as well as personalized indices of your choice.

Seamless Integration

Thematic plays well with the rest of your technology stack. Start using Thematic and improve your advisory business in matter of minutes.

Personalized Support

Helping you grow advisory business is our top priority. This is why we have opened 24/7 channel for listening to your feedback and new feature suggestions.

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