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or $30T of financial assets will be owned by millennials by 2030


of millennials want to be part of the story with their investments


of high-net-worth millennials want to invest according to their values

How Thematic helps?

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Investment Ideas

Onboard clients easily with narrative-driven investment ideas

It starts with research-backed categories of stocks and ETFs grouped by a particular rule with a narrative behind it.

Narrative helps your clients understand and relate to investments, making onboarding much easier than with traditional approach.

Investment ideas are based on popular indexes, megatrends, sustainable impact goals and famous investor portfolios

Then, create personalized portfolios with the help of our AI-powered copilot

We use proprietary algorithm to help you, the advisor, create personalized portfolios for each client based on interests, preferences and values.

Editing portfolio

Finally, serve your clients with portfolios they love

Research has shown that 75% of millennials would pay more for a personalized experience.

With Thematic, you can deliver highly personalized portfolios to your clients, portfolios they understand and care about.

Quick, effortless integration
We do all the technology heavy lifting. You focus on your clients.

Value-based filters included
Thematic supports ESG, ethical and halal filters out of the box.

Mobile-friendly experience
Your clients can easily check their holdings on the go.

Others are already taking action

John Hancock™ launched their own in-house millennial-friendly way to invest in March 2019, which experienced a weekly growth rate of 19% in first 5 months.

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