It's like a mini fund made just for you

Invest commission-free in baskets of up to 20 companies and ETFs according to your values using your existing brokerage account.

It only takes a few seconds

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Coming soon

Coming soon

It starts with your personal interests

Software Revolution

Growth 20.68%

Personalize and Invest

Healthy Living

Growth 11.2%

Personalize and Invest

Future of Healthcare

Growth 7.85%

Personalize and Invest

Build your own theme

Create your own theme

Everything a smart, modern and informed investor deserves

Ideas you care about

Invest in themes you like and personalise them with sustainability, ethical and halal filters.

Fits your budget

Investing $50 or $50,000? We got you covered. We match you with investment options that fit your budget.

Works with your broker

Directly trade and track stocks, ETFs and portfolios with your broker account from Thematic.

Investors love Thematic

Love this! I want to use it to check on stocks I plan to buy on Robinhood and make sure those stocks meet my ethical requirements.

Soumeya B.

Ready to Start Making Money Your Way?

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